Best CBD Cream For Pain Canada [2021 List]

Cannabidiol (CBD) has proven to have many health benefits. In fact, like most endocannabinoids (found in our bodies), CBD maintains the chemical balance within the body and is a fantastic agent of overall wellbeing. 

While there are many ways of using CBD, topical administration has proven to be more advantageous than all the other methods of CBD administration, particularly when you’re looking for relief from localized musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. 

For one, you apply it to the affected area, sending it directly seeping into the tissues and cells of the body where you’re experiencing the pain or inflammation. This way the CBD does not have to travel through the bloodstream to find the problematic areas to address the pain. This means less wastage, more potency, more bioavailability, and obviously more effective. 

Secondly, the cannabinoid doesn’t interfere with any other medication. This is because the topical use of CBD does not allow the substance to enter the bloodstream. Instead, it accesses the receptors in the skin, joints, and localized muscle cells to offer relief. Since interaction mostly takes place in the stomach or bloodstream, with topical usage the scope of interaction is minimized. 

So, where’s the proof? 

Well, there’s actually ample proof that CBD can help manage localized pain and inflammation, especially when it comes to arthritis and other osteo-rheumatic pain and inflammation. 

According to a 2016 study, CBD, when applied topically on rats, can help manage and even (to a certain extent) reduce pain and inflammation associated with arthritis.

A 2018 review also showed how the transdermal application of CBD has more profound healing effects on joint and muscle pain and inflammation when compared to other forms of CBD application. 

Recent studies like these have given hope to many across the world, especially in the US, where arthritis has become the leading cause of disability among adults. 

According to the American Arthritis Foundation, over 78 million people would become disabled due to arthritis by 2040. This is scary, especially since the primary predispositions for the development of arthritis are chronic conditions, like diabetes, obesity, and heart diseases – all of which are quite predominant among people of all ages in the US. 

Unfortunately, children too are as vulnerable to this condition as do adults. In fact, statistics show over 300,000 children, below the age of 12, including babies, are victims of rheumatic conditions in some form or the other, including arthritis.

Based on these facts, findings, and statistics, we focused our efforts on finding better, alternative solutions for people suffering from such difficult-to-treat conditions. 

We’ve reviewed several brands of CBD topicals, i.e. creams, salves, lotions, balms, etc., to understand how well each performed on arthritic pain and other forms of joint and muscle pain and inflammation. 

This is how we did it…


As patients of arthritis or related rheumatic conditions, you would face many difficulties in simply going through life – difficulty in walking and carrying out normal life activities, difficulty in managing the pain as well as difficulty in finding an effective antidote to the symptoms. 

Looking for an alternative method of treatment is in itself a difficult ordeal, especially when the field is not as regulated as we would expect. CBD is not an FDA-approved substance. However, the federal government admits that it has been found to be safe and effective in managing symptoms of many difficult-to-treat health conditions. 

That’s why this review is meant to offer you the best options from a market full of great, good, not-so-good, and even downright dangerous “CBD” products. 

To make this “Best CBD Creams” list, a large volume of data on over 50 brands of CBD products have been gathered and painstakingly pored over. 

The focus of the search was finding the best quality, safest, most effective, most potent, and affordable products that can offer the best experience for the users. 

Here’s how we conducted the selection process: 

  1. Used the internet to narrow down on the 50 most popular CBD brands.
  2. Conducted a survey by sending out a questionnaire to over 9,000 users in the country, of whom almost 4,800 people responded with their choices and reasons why they selected those brand(s).
  3. Made a list of the 20 most popular ones from the survey
  4. Studied up on these 20 best brands to understand what’s special about those brands, including their farming and manufacturing practices, the technology used, the extraction process, types of extracts used, the focus of these brands, their customer-friendliness, their brand value, and customer satisfaction.
  5. Based on these findings, we narrowed down the list even further to accommodate the 10 Best CBD Creams. 
  6. These 10 finalists were tested out by a group of testers to get a general idea of how they fared in all aspects and on most people.

[Note: For this to work, the testers were selected based on their health conditions. All of these individuals suffered from some rheumatic pain, including some from arthritis.] 

Accordingly, these brands of CBD creams were found to be the best in the current market… 

Canada’s Best CBD Creams for Pain – 2021 

  1. FabCBD Cream
  2. Cheef Botanicals Salve 
  3. Joy Organics Salve 
  4. CBDistillery cbdol 
  5. cbdMD


#1. FabCBD’s Topical CBD Cream: Editor’s Choice

As one of the most reputed CBD brands, known for their topicals, FabCBD has succeeded in creating its niche in the highly competitive industry with its unique line of high-quality, safe, potent, and fairly priced CBD products. 

Not only are its products made from all-natural ingredients, but are completely organically sourced, including its hemp extracts.  

From complete transparency in its farming, extraction, and manufacturing, practices to subjecting its products to third-party lab testing and honest customer service – this brand. 

Keeping the customer in mind, the company has utilized its years of experimentation and testing to improve on its organic farming practices and quality manufacturing processes, making for pure, potent, GMO-free, vegan-friendly, and suitable-for-all CBD oil options.

The natural ingredients of the cream make it not only safe but also effective. With no harmful chemicals or high levels of THC, this cream offers substantial relief from joint and muscular pain and inflammation. 


  • Potency: 600mg
  • Ingredients: 
    • Full-spectrum CBD hemp oil extract
    • Distilled water
    • Aloe vera
    • Cocoa butter
    • Coconut oil
    • Olive oil
    • Cetearyl alcohol 
    • Polysorbate 60
    • Optiphen plus
    • Chamomile
    • Vitamin E
    • Citric acid
    • Potassium sorbate
    • Cinnamon
    • Blood orange essential oil
  • Sizes: 60ml/56g/2oz
  • Aroma: Subtle, yet fresh odor of blood orange, cinnamon, and chamomile extracts
  • Hemp Source: Colorado, US
  • Extract Type: Full-spectrum blend
  • Lab Testing: Pro Verde Laboratories
  • Guarantees: 30-day full money-back
  • Shipping: Free Shipping for Orders pf $89 and above
  • Value for Money: $49, i.e. $0.08/mg

Pro & Cons


  1. Full-spectrum CBD blend (<0.3% THC) extracted from 100% organic Colorado-grown hemp
  2. Gluten-free, vegan-friendly ingredients
  3. Terpenes and essential oils contribute towards aromas
  4. Highly potent (600mg); great for pain and other musculoskeletal injuries
  5. Third-party lab tested
  6. Budget-friendly 
  7. Best technology deployed for extraction


  1. No THC-free options in topicals
  2. No options in potency
  3. Only sold online
  4. Polysorbate 60, an emulsifier, present in the cream, is a common and safely used ingredient of skincare products, pharmaceutical topicals, and food additives. However, some users may experience a certain level of organ system toxicity.

Customer Experience 

Our testers, who have previously used the same brand’s CBD tinctures, were confident that this cream would be great for them. The product did not disappoint them at all. In fact, all of the testers felt that they were completely pain-free and relaxed than they have ever been since they started developing arthritis. 

The tenacity and capacity to work and work harder increased and they almost forgot that they could not perform so well for many years now. 

Compared to most other brands, our testers felt that this cream gave them more relief within a much shorter time – less than 10 minutes – and the effects remained longer than usual – 5 hours. 

Working alongside the testers, we did not experience any foul or strong odor and almost forgot that they used to be in agonizing pain until recently. So much so, their mood was so good that we enjoyed their company – something that we have not had the privilege of since the time they joined us. 

#2. Cheef Botanicals Salve: Best for Athletes

Known for its quality and brand reliability, Cheef Botanicals produces all-natural, organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free CBD products.

Originally set up by a group of health- and fitness-enthusiasts and cannabis advocates, this California-based brand was built on more than 25 years’ experience in the organic food and wellness industry.  

While Cheef does not technically own any hemp farms, it has partnered up with the local, hemp-licensed, organic farmers of Colorado who continually ensure one of the best quality extracts in the CBD industry. 

All of the Cheef Botanicals’ products are made from naturally sourced, organic botanical ingredients, extracted with the most advanced technology available in the market. 

Its products’ safety and potency are vouched for by one of the most prestigious independent labs in the country – CannaSafe. One key aspect of its lab testing is that no animals have been harmed in the process, even during its in-house testing. 

The brand has a wide variety of CBD products, besides different strains of naturally grown hemp flowers and CBD topicals. 

Its topicals include bath bombs, body lotions, lip balms, and relief salves. The last product is of particular interest to us, as we are talking about CBD for pain relief, especially for arthritis patients. 

Highlights of CBD Relief Salve – 500mg

  • Potency: 500mg
  • Ingredients: 
    • Candelilla Wax
    • Calendula Flowers
    • Olive Oil
    • Coconut Oil
    • Jojoba Oil
    • Fennel Essential Oil
    • Peppermint Essential Oil
    • Frankincense Essential Oil
    • Vitamin E
    • CBD
  • Sizes: 2fl.oz.
  • Aroma: Combination of natural Woody & Minty odors 
  • Hemp Source: Colorado, US
  • Extract Type: 
    • Full-Spectrum (in effect, broad-spectrum, as it contains no THC) 
  • Lab Testing: CannaSafe
  • Guarantees: 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Shipping: Free
  • Value for Money: $39.95, i.e. $0.08/mg

Pro & Cons


  1. Sufficiently high potency of optimum efficacy
  2. Natural, organically sourced ingredients
  3. Moisturizes as it heals 
  4. Formulated for easy absorption and fast relief (10 – 12 mins)
  5. Informative, easy-to-navigate, and professional-looking website, with a lot of information on the CBD industry, research in the field, CBD dosage charts, as well as the brand’s own products
  6. Customer-friendly policies, free shipping, 30-day money-back guarantee, sitewide discounts, etc.


  1. Site contains no mention of the actual aroma focused on
  2. Not all ingredients are organically sourced 
  3. Not the highest potency in the market
  4. Not exactly full-spectrum cream
  5. C0mparatively new product, so not many reviews
  6. Can be uncomfortable for some due to its stickiness 

Customer Experience 

Cheef’s CBD Relief Salve turned out to be one of the most effective pain relief CBD topicals, great for post-workout massages and bedtime joint pain and inflammation relief. 

All testers who tried this product felt that its effects become obvious almost immediately and they last quite long. Owing to its unique formulation and texture, the salve spreads over the skin evenly and smoothly, keeping it nourished and moisturized while offering relief from pain as soon as it is applied on the skin surface. 

The cream doesn’t have any foul or strong smell. The aroma is pleasant and smells of aromatic essential oils (which are present in the product). 

Overall, a great product for treating musculoskeletal pain and inflammation, without having to worry about any side effects. 

#3. Joy Organics CBD Salve: Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Topical

For those who prefer premium-quality THC-free CBD products for treating pain and inflammations and are willing to pay a tad bit more than our first two finalists, they can opt for Joy Organics’ CBD Salve. For the best part, you also get a more budget-friendly option if you’re willing to pay a little more for a higher potency CBD salve. 

Besides being created from the best quality broad-spectrum CBD blend, Joy’s products are organically sourced, pure, third-party lab-tested, and highly potent.

Joy Organics’ commitment to delivering this goes far back in its history when it started off as merely a small retail store out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Joy Smith, the co-founder, and co-owner of the brand used to suffer from chronic pain and insomnia – troubles she overcame with the help of CBD. That’s what inspired her and her husband Todd to start this amazing initiative to provide users with the highest-quality CBD products for a fairly cheap price. 

Joy Organics is today one of the most successful online CBD brands in the market, selling some of the finest, most high quality, and potent products. Besides, it also has a few retail stores in Texas and Illinois. 


  • Potency: 
    • 500mg per fl. oz./30ml 
    • 1000mg per 2fl. oz./60ml 
  • Ingredients: 
    • Organic MCT Oil
    • Organic Beeswax
    • Phytocannabinoid-Rich Hemp Extract
    • Organic Lavender Essential Oil 
    • Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Sizes: 
    • 1fl.oz. or 30ml
    • 2fl. oz. or 60ml
  • Aroma: Aroma of Natural Lavender & Eucalyptus Essential Oils
  • Hemp Source: Colorado, US
  • Extract Type: Broad-Spectrum Blend
  • Lab Testing: 
    • PIXIS Labs
    • PhytaTech™ Metrics & Solutions
    • Cloud Labs
    • Anresco Laboratories 
    • Botanacor 
    • Green™ Scientific Labs 
    • Stillwater Laboratories 
    • CIA Labs
    • Aurum Labs
  • Guarantees: 
    • 30-day complete money-back guarantee
    • Free Shipping
  • Value for Money: 
    • 500mg (30ml): $54.95, i.e. $0.11/mg
    • 1000mg (60ml): $79.95, i.e. $0.11/mg

Pro & Cons


  1. Good quality, highly potent CBD salve
  2. Organically sourced & lab-tested hemp extracts 
  3. Zero THC, so no psychedelic effects
  4. Two options in sizes, offering higher potency with a higher quantity of cream 
  5. Good company policies: Free shipping & 30-day full refund guarantees


  1. Not many options in CBD topicals
  2. The brand doesn’t make its own products. although not much of a con, since a highly acclaimed manufacturing firm Folium Biosciences does it, which makes them as good as the brand name. 
  3. Mostly sold online 
  4. Unaffordable to some
  5. The purpose of posting their own lab test reports is not very clear, as they can be biased

Customer Experience 

While not its most popular product, Joy’s salves are pretty awesome! The quality of ingredients and the end-product far surpass those of many other brands and are quite fairly priced. 

As for the effects, our testers, who suffer from chronic arthritis, felt these are great for applying before bedtime for a pain-free and peaceful night’s sleep. 

While it may not have been the best CBD salve for our testers, they were still quite pleased with the effects after a month or so. As for most CBD products, they said that consistency was essential with this product. They did not get any benefits from their use if they skipped one night. 

Another initial hiccup with this product was that its effects tend to wear off pretty soon. For the initial nights, our testers woke up in the middle of the night with the pain returning and requiring them to re-apply. However, with time, that no longer poses a problem. 

As for the overall experience, it was pleasant for them. The aroma of the salve was nice and gentle to the senses and did not cause any stickiness. These are definitely an advantage as overwhelming or overbearing odors and stickiness can cause discomfort and headaches, leading to other health complications. 

#4. CBDistillery CBDol Salve & Relief Stick: Convenient Options in Extracts, Potency & Usage

Founded by a handful of Colorado residents, CBDistillery is an all-American CBD brand established to provide easy access of the masses to high-quality, hemp-extracted CBD products.

CBDistillery runs a transparent business, right from its farming, extraction, and manufacturing practices down to its customer service and consumer-friendly policies. 

The brand derives its extracts with the help of fluid CO2 and opts for only the best strains of organically farmed hemp for its CBD extracts.

Besides ensuring the most potent and pure extracts, it also subjects all of its products to third-party lab testing. 

Driven by its #CBDMOVEMENT initiative, the CBDistillery keeps its prices competitive to allow the general masses to have easy access to its products. 

This is one of the few brands to ensure the availability of its products both online and offline, through retail outlets, including smoke shops, gyms, spas, bars, and CBD shops across the country. 

CBDistillery’s topicals are known for their efficacy and convenience of use. Available in two forms, CBDistillery’s CBDol Relief comes in both salves and roll-on sticks. 

While some may feel the smell is a little too intense, it’s still not as overwhelming as one would expect from some CBD topicals. Apparently, the salve leaves behind a stain on your clothes. So it’s best to use it before bedtime. 


  • Potency: 
    • Salve: 500mg per each container containing 1 ounce of salve (28.35g)
    • Roll-on Stick: 500mg per each roll on containing 2.2 oz (62.4g)
  • Ingredients: 
    • Salve 
      • Coconut Oil (Extra Virgin, Organic)
      • Hemp Seed Oil
      • Olive Oil (Organic)
      • Apricot Oil
      • Sunflower Oil (Organic)
      • Almond Oil
      • Beeswax
      • Distilled Water
      • Magnesium
      • Self-Emulsifying Wax N (SLS-Free)
      • Aloe
      • Glycerine (Organic)
      • Liquid Germall Plus
      • Rosemary antioxidant CO2 extract
      • Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Extract 
      • Essential Oils 
        • Lavender
        • Peppermint
        • Eucalyptus (Organic)
        • Wintergreen (Organic)
        • Pine
        • Camphor
        • Basil (Organic)
        • Marjoram (Organic)
        • Arnica
        • Tea Tree
        • Frankincense
      • Botanical Extracts 
        • Green Tea
        • Rosemary
        • Chamomile
        • Grapefruit
        • Cinnamon
        • White Willow
        • Aspen Bark
        • Honeysuckle
    • Roll-on: 
      • Coconut Oil (Cocos Nucifera)
      • Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus Dulcis)
      • Sunflower Oil (Helianthus Annuus) 
      • Avocado Oil (Persea Americana) 
      • Beeswax (Cera Alba)
      • SD Alcohol
      • Menthol
      • Menthyl Lactate
      • Candelilla Wax (Euphorbia Cerifera Cire de Candelilla)
      • Safflower Oil (Carthamus Tinctorius)
      • Shea Butter (Vitellaria Paradoxa)
      • Glycerin (Vegetable)
      • Menthyl Ethylamido Oxalate
      • Menthone Glycerin Acetal
      • Vitamin E (Mixed Natural Tocopherols)
      • MCT Oil (Medium Chain Triglycerides)
      • Spearmint Leaf Oil (Mentha Viridis)
      • Hemp-Derived Cannabinoid Extract (Aerial Parts)
      • Ginger Oil (Zingiber Officinale)
      • Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita)
      • Vanilla (Planifolia Extract)
  • Sizes:
    • Salve: 1 oz./28.35g
    • Roll-on Stick: 2.2 oz/62.4g
  • Aroma: Strong smell of essential oils
  • Hemp Source: Colorado, US
  • Extract Type:
    • Salve: Full-Spectrum
    • Roll-on: Broad-Spectrum
  • Lab Testing: ACS Laboratory 
  • Guarantees: Free Shipping & 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee   
  • Value for Money:
    • Salve: $50, i.e. $0.10/mg
    • Roll-on: $40, i.e. $0.08/mg 

Pro & Cons


  1. Both tub and roll-on stick options available for topicals
  2. Both full-spectrum & broad-spectrum blends available
  3. Available in both online and local retail stores
  4. Budget-friendly options available 
  5. Sourced from non-GMO & pesticide-free hemp


  1. Products are not 100% organic.
  2. The website does not provide sufficient information on the brand’s extraction and filtration processes
  3. The smell of the topicals maybe a little too overbearing for some users
  4. The salve also stains clothes, unlike some of the other options in this review

Customer Experience 

Both of CBDistillery’s topicals were mostly good, except that they take a while longer to kick in and the effects stay on for much less time than most other topicals – at least initially. 

Our testers felt that the topicals’ aroma and texture could have been a little less oppressive. They were uncomfortable and sweaty after using them. 

However, one of the testers, who were above 60 years, felt that she didn’t mind the dense texture of the creams at all, as her skin was getting dry with age and that the topical helped keep it moisturized. Besides, she also felt the smell was good for her as she often suffers from cold. 

For the rest of the four testers, they generally used it before bedtime when the atmosphere was cooler and they did not have to go out in public. 

While this issue with the strong smell and dense texture did pose a problem in frequent use, its effects, when used, were certainly quite remarkable – at least after a week of consistent use, i.e. when the effects were more prominent. 

Pain and inflammation are difficult to treat. With CBDistillery’s creams – both the tub and the convenient roll-on stick – users could overcome the symptoms within a week or so. While in some cases, the effects were not quite that discernible until 3 weeks, most of the other users felt they got adequate relief after about a week.  

So, we can confidently say that if one can tolerate the cream’s strong odor and texture, you would get ample relief from pain and inflammation. We hope the brand can do something about that soon. 

#5. CbdMD: Optimized for Pain Relief

Offering some of the purest, safest, and most high-quality CBD products, CbdMD is known for its affordable, broad-spectrum CBD products. 

The brand provides users with three different options in topicals – CBD Inflammation Formula or “Recover”, CBD “Freeze”, and CBD Moisturizing Lotion or “Revive” – each of which is available in three different potencies. 

However, we are only concerned with the Recover line of topicals in this article, as they help curb musculoskeletal pain and inflammation.  

Like CBDistillery, CbdMD also offers a variety of convenient ways of usage – tub, squeeze, roll-on, etc. making it easier for users to administer CBD topicals as and when they prefer. However, the sizes may differ depending on the type of container. 

The brand is also known for its all-natural, organic ingredients, transparent business practices, as well as clean extraction and filtration processes. 


  • Potency: 
    • Recover 
      • 300mg
      • 750mg
      • 1500mg 
  • Ingredients: 
    • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice
    • Organic Coconut Oil
    • Cannabidiol (CBD)
    • Organic Arnica Flower Extract
    • Vitamin B6
    • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)
    • Histamine Dihydrochloride
    • Emulsifying Wax
    • Stearic Acid
    • Cetyl Alcohol
    • Hydroxyethylcellulose
    • Glycerin
    • Sweet Basil Leaf Oil
    • Black Pepper Oil
    • Roman Chamomile Flower Oil
    • German Chamomile Flower Oil
    • Cinnamon Leaf Oil
    • Citronella Oil
    • Eucalyptus Leaf Oil
    • Helichrysum Flower Oil
    • Ginger Root Oil
    • Pink Grapefruit Peel Oil
    • Juniper Berry Oil
    • Lemongrass Oil
    • Peppermint Oil
    • Pine Needle Oil
    • Ravensara Oil
    • Rosemary Leaf Oil
    • Spearmint Oil
    • Wild Oregano Oil
    • Organic Cypress Oil
    • Sweet Fennel Oil
    • Lemon Peel Oil
    • Lavender Flower Oil
    • Organic Alcohol
    • Phenoxyethanol
    • Caprylyl Glycol
    • Sorbic Acid
  • Sizes:
    • 300mg – only tub & squeeze – 2oz
    • 750mg – all types – 4oz 
    • 1500mg – all types – 4oz
  • Aroma: A mild aroma with earthy and floral notes
  • Hemp Source: Kentucky, US 
  • Extract Type: Hybrid broad-spectrum CBD blend (CBD isolated from hemp and then blended with other cannabinoids and terpenes as per a proprietary formula)
  • Lab Testing: SCLabs
  • Guarantees: 
    • Free shipping across the US 
    • 30-day money-back
  • Value for Money: 1500mg – 4oz: $99.99, i.e. $0.07/mg

Pro & Cons


  1. Organic and THC-free
  2. Thorough lab test reports; results available on the website 
  3. Affordable
  4. Mild smell of topicals
  5. Apart from the US, the brand also delivers in several parts of Europe


  1. May take longer to take effect on some users; proprietary formula 
  2. The website is a little difficult-to-navigate 
  3. Very little information on the brand and its inception 
  4. Only sold online
  5. Frequent shipping delays

Customer Experience

Although a good product with a mild aroma and quality ingredients, the product seemed to be more effective on acute pain and inflammation. You may need more concentration or better formulation for chronic issues, like arthritis and spondylitis. 

However, the testers were benefitted from using this cream by overcoming secondary symptoms caused by such chronic conditions, like pain and inflammation in the knees or heels caused due to imbalance in pressure during movement. 

However, when it comes to the main problem – arthritic inflammation and pain and pain on the spinal cord due to spondylitis – the cream did little to keep the symptoms at bay. 

Nevertheless, with longer and consistent usage, these pains too subsided to a certain extent after a couple of months of using these topicals. 

Overall a good product, the formulation seemed to be less effective on chronic issues. However, with prolonged use, it is expected that users will see discernible improvement in the effects. 


CBD products are not FDA-approved. So naturally, we have to be extra careful while purchasing them. Besides, their effects are not guaranteed as CBD’s effects vary from person to person. 

Nevertheless, there are ways in which we can ensure – at least to a certain extent – that we are getting the most of what we are paying for. Here are a few of the aspects that we must look into, research, and take note of while comparing different brands of CBD topicals…

Potency: This is what tells you the concentration of CBD present in the product. Higher the concentration or strength of the main ingredient, stronger will be the effects – like any other medicine or wellness product. 

Container size: Buying a bigger container obviously means you can use it longer, but that does not mean the effects will be stronger. In fact, higher the volume, lower the potency of each application, if you are considering two containers of varying sizes having the same potency. However, the container type and shape do have a role to play in the overall experience. For instance, roll-ons are easier to carry around and also simpler to apply. 

Ingredients: You must make sure the ingredients of your CBD topical are well-suited for your skin, allowing it to retain moisture and keep it nourished; it also shouldn’t contain any substance to which your skin may be allergic. The ingredients of CBD topicals should also include natural botanical extracts that aid in the healing process and not obstruct CBD from doing its job. Besides, the ingredients should ideally be organically sourced. 

Lab Testing: You should only trust brands that subject their products to third-party lab-testing for unbiased testimony of the purity, safety, and potency of their products. If the brand makes its Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) public, all the better for the consumers, as they can view them before purchasing the products online. 

Guarantees: Companies that have consumer-friendly policies are obviously more reliable. Free shipping options and 100% satisfaction guarantees are generally expected from any brand. Brands that provide a full refund on returns of poor performing or defective products naturally earn the customers’ trust. These, in general, assure customers of fewer disappointments from the brand and more value to the brand. 

Hemp source: Hemp sourced from organic farmlands in the US and parts of Europe are comparatively safer, contain no contaminants, and are more effective in the right direction than those sourced from elsewhere. Besides that, industrial hemp grown in regulated farmlands of America and Europe contain low THC levels that do not cause mind-altering, psychotropic effects on the user. 

Extract type: While different types of extracts have varying effects on different users, the extract type can be entirely a matter of personal choice. For instance, full-spectrum blends, i.e. those containing THC, along with other natural cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, and fatty acids, may not be suitable for some users, like those who are allergic to THC or have to undergo frequent drug tests for their employment. CBD isolates that contain nothing expect CBD may not be suitable for high-intensity pain issues owing to the absence of the other CBD-enhancing substances. While broad-spectrum extracts (full-spectrum extracts minus THC) may seem to be the best option for all, they too have their constraints. That’s because the presence of small amounts of THC may be beneficial for some patients suffering from chronic pain. 

Aroma: Although not the most important factor, the smell of the cream you use may have an overall effect on your experience. Strong smells may give you a headache, cause hindrance in your social life and lead to anxiety (an unpleasant side effect that could be done away with by using milder smelling creams), and even make it uncomfortable for use on a daily basis. Besides, the use of natural essential oil is better for the skin and your nerves than artificially manufactured smells that stand out. A nice smelling cream obviously enhances the overall effects by calming your nerves and putting your mind at ease while you go about your duties. 

Brand Value: A reputed brand with consumer-friendly policies and quality products obviously gets a good name. This reputation goes a long way in informing users of their reliability. Naturally, it is better to trust such brands that other users have found to be genuine, trustworthy, and transparent. 

Personal experience & Price: While CBD is undoubtedly expensive, not all brands that charge you highly provide you with the best products. We’ve tried out different products and compared their prices to make sure you get the best value for money. That is why the 5 CBD Topicals included in our list are by far the Best CBD Creams in the market. 

HOW TO USE CBD TOPICALS: Creams, Salves & Lotions?

Like any other topicals, CBD topicals, like salves, balms, and creams, have to be applied directly to the skin – particularly the skin over the area you’re experiencing pain or inflammation. Whether the pain or inflammation is on the surface of your skin or in your musculoskeletal areas, these creams can easily be applied on the surface of the skin on and around the area where the symptoms are felt. 

Its best used after a bath or shower, when your skin is softer, your skin’s pores are open, and the temperature of the surface of the skin is warmer than usual. This allows easy absorption of the CBD into the skin tissues. 


The best part about using CBD topicals is that it does not have to reach your bloodstream to start acting on your targeted pain areas. Since it is applied directly to your skin, the cannabinoids and essential oils percolate your skin’s pores and reach the underlying cells and tissues with ease, giving you relief from pain and inflammation. 

Our skin is the largest organ of the body and is filled with endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors interact with the CBD in the topicals when it reaches the underlying skin cells and boosts homeostasis, balancing out the chemicals in your nervous system, allowing you to overcome the pain and make it bearable, while you go about your daily activities. 

Since CBD has anti-inflammatory and anti-pain properties, the receptors in your skin control and adjust the way we feel the pain and the body’s immune system reacts to external elements that cause inflammation. (Note: Inflammation is your immune system’s reaction to foreign invaders, like infection-causing bacteria or external pressure like a sprain.)

Using CBD Creams Responsibly: Side Effects & Precautions

Like everything we eat, drink, use, CBD, too, has some side effects. Although the side effects caused by CBD are far fewer and of lower intensity than most other substances, it still has a few such adverse effects. That is why, we must act responsibly when using CBD, especially if it is our first-time use. 

So, make sure you learn everything you can about the side effects of CBD and consult with your doctor/dermatologist/orthopedic surgeon before you start-off on any CBD topical. 

Some of the side effects of CBD are:  

  1. Dryness of mouth
  2. Fatigue
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Appetite changes
  5. Weight loss or gain

Apart from this, the presence of other ingredients can also carry potential risks. That is why we mentioned using products containing only natural and all-organic products. Besides, the presence of certain essential oils that do not sit well with your skin can also have adverse effects. Always check the ingredients before purchasing a CBD topical. 

Parting Thoughts: CBD Topicals are No Cure-Alls

Do bear in mind that CBD does not cause any psychedelic effects or have any allergic reaction on your skin or other internal organs. It is a comparatively safe, yet an effective agent of promoting better health and wellbeing, effective both in improving your physical and mental health. 

However, bear in mind that CBD topicals are only effective in managing localized pain and inflammation. They can’t do anything to manage symptoms, like nausea, anxiety, or sleep issues, since the CBD in these products only interacts with the nerve or endocannabinoid receptors under the skin over which you’ve applied the cream, and not the entire body.

If you are looking for relief from pain and inflammation in several parts of your body or more severe conditions that concern internal organs, it is best to opt for products that deliver CBD systemically, such as tinctures (used sublingually), e-liquids (vaped), capsules (consumed orally), or suppositories (introduced from the rectum). 

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